You never give me your money...

    You wanna send me some love, eh? Well, historically I have not accepted financial contributions. Instead, I encouraged (and still do encourage) users to contribute to other open source audio projects such as KxStudio or Ardour. I tried to contribute through bartering: I made plugins, or a podcast, and others made other projects that we all shared freely. I like that system, but it isn't always enough. This is a rather sensitive subject, but I'm beginning to feel like plugins have a unique model for raising funds that large scale projects such as those don't. Plugins usually reach completion, large projects need continuous funding for specialized developers.

I am now going to raise money for several reasons. First is because I have previously had no expendable income to give to other projects. I hope to raise money to donate to projects that have been valuable to me. Second is because I'd like to turn this hobby partially into a commercial enterprise. This will help my wife feel better about the amount of time I've spent developing. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit that I hope to finally buy my first studio monitors this Christmas with the money I'll hopefully earn.

Please keep in mind that I am fully dedicated to open source. I will stop developing before I stop developing open source projects. Commercial projects do not have to be proprietary. I am employing the OpenAV Productions release system. The original release date is set to one year from the announcement. Users donate what they want and donations move the release date closer. For every $2 USD donated the release date is moved 24 hours closer to the present. At some point they meet in the middle and the source code is released.

This means these plugins are GUARANTEED to be open-sourced even if no-one donates (although I'll probably feel pretty badly about myself). Furthermore donations of any size are valuable. Even a $.01 donation brings the release more than 7 minutes closer. Every contribution makes it better for everybody. Therefore every contribution is valuable. Those who have much to give can even free the plugins in a single day if they value them at that level.

I still believe in a bartering system: you can also donate to free the plugins by making a demo video on youtube, a bank of presets, bug reports, patch submissions, writing documentation, starting your own projects etc... even just make an awesome song and tell everyone you did with with free/opensource software. Thats what the Linux Audio community really needs. If you do one of these things as a "donation" to Infamous please do email me (ssjackson71 (at) gmail (dot) com) and let me know and we'll negotiate the equivalent amount to move the release date forward. I'll feel good, you'll feel good, and the community will benefit.

SO... The current plugins being held up are the GUIs for the original 7 infamous plugins. Their DSP is already released and you can preview them as you please using the host generated UI. But if you want some sweet eye candy to go with them you'll have to donate or just wait. They will be released on:

8 September 2015

But you can make it 1 day closer for every $2 donated. Donations are pro-rated so that any amount is welcome. You can read more about these plugins (and drool over their beauty) in the plugins section. Please consider and click below to FREE THE PLUGINS! Thanks for reading.

Though these plugins be,
Held in Infamy,
Will you, Sir, please?
Help to set them free?

(if you donate and would like to use a name other than your paypal email, or remain anonymous please leave a note with the donation or email me)

Huge thanks to our Donors!:

Harry Haaren Dave Phillips Joe Button Magnetic Balloon Unipessoal Lda Eduardo Mezencio
Thank you all so much!